Seven easy hacks to help your smartphone run faster

Seven easy hacks to help your smartphone run faster

Why Is My Phone So Slow? 7 Ways To Speed Up Your Phone

Obviously, the smartphone is the main management tool that helps you with various tasks. Gone are the days when people only used phones to make and receive calls, to send SMS and MMS. Nowadays these devices are not telephones only, we use them as a TV, a music player, and even a laptop. All the functions are in the same pocket.

The problem is that modern people are really extremely sensitive when it comes to a phone’s performance. We need to deal with scratches or breaks, and what is even more annoying is when a phone is slow and we can’t get an advantage of using, our favorite applications, websites, and resources that are needed for work or studies. Is there a way to identify a specific problem and solve it without turning it out to professionals? Here is a list of possible reasons as well as a plan to get rid of these issues!

The Most Common Reasons Why Your Smartphone Works Not as Fast as You Want

When you’re wondering: “why is my phone slow?”, we don’t ask you to diagnose an issue by yourself, especially if you have a new smartphone and you really want it to work for the next several years. However, it is really frustrating when you can’t come up with a single idea for what is wrong with your little friend. So, there are some reasons along with tips that you’ll find helpful.

1. Your Smartphone is Outdated or Its Power Doesn’t Meet Your Needs

Sometimes the correct explanation is the simplest one. You don’t need to look for reasons why your phone running slow if it is just old. Over time, the components of your device can degrade, and you can’t blame it because a process of deterioration is natural.

Modern applications are pretty demanding and they require a lot of resources and power that old smartphones are not available to provide. So, if you understand that you bought your smartphone 5+ years ago, and it just doesn’t meet your current needs, it is time to get a new one.

2. The Battery is Poor

Speaking about hardware, it is important to mention the battery. You’ve likely heard that  Apple reduced the performance of its older iPhone when the battery lost capacity. We believe that this can be applied to other brands as well.

Of course, it goes not only about the intentional slowing down of phones when the battery is in bad condition. It just loses capacity, delivers less power, and your device can’t work as efficiently as it used to. The battery’s power can be compared to blood, so when it has little blood, it obviously feels weaker.

3. You Didn’t Reset Your Smartphone for a Long Time

If you’re a happy owner of a modern smartphone, the chances are you’ll never run into such an issue. Most modern operating systems have very advanced self-debugging processes, so you really don’t need to restart your mobile phone regularly.

However, older smartphones can’t manage all processes at the same level as modern ones. It means that you need to restart them from time to time, and the longer you use them, the more often you have to reset them. So, in the next “my phone is slow” moment, try to turn off the engine and turn the key again.

4. The System has Faced Uncorrected Mistakes

Since we already talk about restarts, it is necessary to mention the errors that the system contains. Android, iOS, or any other mobile operating system evolve for two reasons:

  • to add improvements;
  • to fix bugs.

Sometimes the latter is not as invisible as we would like.

For example, installing a version of the operating system that contains errors might cause freezes in the background. Or the system will take longer to perform certain tasks.

If your operating system version is outdated, try to update it because the logical thing is that the new version comes with the necessary patches and corrections. And if there is no new version available, just wait for it.

5. Some Apps Do Evil on Purpose While Others Might Do it Unintentionally

Not only the operating system can cause malfunctions that slow down the phone. Apps can also contain errors of various types. So yes, apps can also be the cause of your device going wrong.

There are old apps, ones that are too modern for your smartphone, apps with errors, antiviruses that slow down the system, or phone “managers” that create more problems than they solve.

The real problem is when you have malware and malicious apps installed on your device. Much more common on the Android side, apps with malware don’t work the way they’re supposed to. Instead, they either throw uncontrolled advertisements on your screen, collect data in the background or perform other tasks.

If you think that there is something wrong with your apps, you can use trustworthy software to check and find a phone slower or hire a professional service that will check your device for you. It is also important to avoid installing apps from unknown and unreliable sources.

6. The Memory of Your Phone is Overflowing

When a smartphone’s storage is close to full, it slows down. The reasons are diverse and may be due to both the system itself and the apps it contains. Asking “how to make phone faster

?” Try to keep your phone with at least 20% free space.

Remember that your device is constantly writing, reading, and deleting things. Downloads that we need at a specific moment and then never delete, apps whose internal caches grow without measure or control, or apps with data in the cloud that we synchronize locally, and that take our storage capacity to the limit.

7. WiFi or Data Coverage is Poor

The chances are the smartphone that you carry in your pocket, spends all the time connected to the Internet. Obviously, the dependence on networks has increased over the years until it exploded with flat rates and WiFi everywhere. That’s why many apps are constantly updating content, whether it’s social networks, messaging apps, or your favorite music player. Constant connection is imperative if you want to make the phone run faster.

That is why when you have poor coverage, either because of data or because you are far from the router, everything seems to slow down.

When Should you Hire a Professional?

If you’ve already deleted what you don’t need, updated the operating system, check your phone for malicious apps, cleared its RAM, and it still doesn’t work as fast as you expect it to, it’s time to ask professionals. Experts from JatApp suggest hiring a good company with a reliable reputation so that you can be sure that it will not make things wrong. Or consider buying a new gadget if your old one has finished its mission.

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