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Practical Tips to Improve Your English Level

According to some experts, the best way to learn or improve your English is to live for a period of time immersed in an environment that allows you to speak English all the time. But what can you do if you can’t afford to move to an English-speaking country or don’t have the money to pay for an academy? If you need to improve your English, these practical tips will help you improve with little investment and creativity.

8 best ways to improve your English

Take advantage of technology

There are applications on the Internet that you can download on any device that allows you to listen on your way home or in your leisure time. With these applications, you can listen to English radio stations of different types and styles. The most important ones are BBC or CNN, but you can also find humor programs, music, debates, or podcast.

Professionals from the write my essay service say that podcasts are a type of resource that can help you a lot. These are downloadable and you can listen to them whenever you want. Even when you reach a certain level, you can subscribe to the ones that interest you the most. This will help you increase your vocabulary and sharpen your ear.

Do things that are fun and motivate you to learn English

Listen to music, watch videos on YouTube and watch series in their original version. You can also subscribe to a blog in English on a topic that interests you. Social networks also help you find interesting content in English and even give you the opportunity to interact with people who speak English.

Listen, write and speak English every day

Dedicate a few hours a day to exercise these three skills, with them you will increase your level of reasoning in another language and increase the vocabulary that will help you improve your written and oral expression. To do this you can participate in an English forum or find a pen pal or pen pal to practice writing. To practice speaking, you can look for a SpeakingPal, a friend, or a group of friends to talk to.

Listen to your voice when you speak

The best way to improve pronunciation is to read aloud an article or text and then listen to it. By reading aloud you will be aware of the mistakes you make when speaking and you will also get used to the sound of your voice in another language. To make it easier you can record yourself with your cell phone.

Create your own dictionary

Write down the English words you come across during the day, look up their meaning and review them as often as you can.

Learn regular and irregular verbs perfectly

Learning the regular and irregular verbs correctly will help you speak fluently and avoid verb tense confusion when you want to engage in conversation.

Read books in English

There are some interesting books for many professional specialties that are written in English. If you are at an intermediate level it is difficult for you to understand them completely. We recommend that you start reading books such as novels or best-sellers that are easier to read and have a fluid and less technical language.

Don’t make the mistake of looking up every word in the dictionary, look up only those that are important to understand the context of what you are reading, and that are repeated several times. Don’t forget to write them down in your dictionary.

Take advantage of every opportunity to improve your English

Some companies offer English courses to their employees, take advantage of this opportunity! They are usually small group classes which will help you to improve your level. Some universities also offer this type of course for their students to improve the English of their future professionals.

We hope this article will be useful for you to improve your English. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article: it’s all about practicing until it becomes an everyday and natural thing.

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