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How to make money from blogging in 2023 (Complete Guide)

If you have heard about blogging and you can share information well with people by writing, then in today’s time you can easily start earning money from blogging without investment or through a minimum investment.

And if you want to know that How to make money from blogging?, then this article of ours today is only for you. In today’s article, we have provided detailed information about ways to earn money from blogging.

And if you want to earn money seriously, then you can start earning thousands of rupees and lakhs of rupees within the next 1 year by following the methods mentioned by us. To know about the useful ways to earn money from blogging, read the information given in the article completely and in detail carefully and do not miss any information at all.

what is blogging?

Blogging is a platform where you can share information with people in written form in any language. In simple words, a platform on which we share information with people by writing articles or through content writing is called blogging.

How To Make Money Blogging?

If you want to earn money from blogging, then you will need some things and you cannot start earning money from blogging without fulfilling those requirements, so now let us tell you all about some essential requirements to earn money from blogging. I give information and for this you must read the information given below carefully.

  1. If you want to create your website on, then you must have Google’s Gmail ID, only then you can sign in there and create your website.
  2. If you want to earn money from blogging and want to do advanced level blogging, then in this case you will need a domain name and a hosting with a minimum investment of three to ₹ 4000.
  3. You should know how to write articles.
  4. To earn money from blogging, you have to take approval of Adsense and if you want, you can also use any alternative ad network of Google Adsense.
  5. You must have a bank account to earn money from blogging.
  6. To earn money from blogging, you may need a bank account as well as Aadhaar card and PAN card.

How to make money from blogging?

To earn money from blogging, you should have a blog on which there is little traffic, only then you will be able to earn money from that blog.

1. How to Earn Money With Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is the first choice of people who want to earn money from blogging. Google Adsense is the product of Google itself and by monetizing our blog with Google Adsense, we can earn money by placing advertisements on it.

Now your blog is ready and you post 15 to 20 or even more articles on it, then you can submit your application for it. Based on our experience, Google Adsense approval should be taken only when 200 plus visitors start coming to our website daily.

By adopting this trick, the chances of getting approval of Adsense increases. That is why you should monetize your blog on Google Adsense only when you have some real time and unique organic visitors coming to the website. As well as, whenever you will create an account of Adsense, then at that time you will have to fill your real information along with this you will also have to enter your bank account.

You have to enter your bank account because when you have $ 100 in Adsense, then that $ 100 is transferred from Google to your bank account.

2. How to Make Money with Ezoic?

The way we monetize our website through Google Adsense, in the same way we can monetize our blog using Ezoic, provided you must first take the approval of Adsense for its approval because Google is the partner of Adsense.

Ezoic is and in such a situation we can take advantage of its service only when the approval of Google Adsense is already received on our website.

To earn money from Ezoic, you must first link your Adsense with it and set up your account completely in it and if you want, go to their official website and directly sign up for the Ezoic Partner Program using the button. You can add together and you can double your income with Adsense and with it.

3. How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

By the way, those who want to earn money online, they got a little information about affiliate marketing or you must have heard the name of affiliate marketing. If your website is getting a lot of traffic, then my friend, you can earn good money every month through your website even by doing affiliate marketing.

Friends, apart from ad network, you can also generate extra income from affiliate marketing. Nowadays there are many companies like Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart which are running affiliate marketing programs. You can join the partner program of the company running any affiliate program as per your convenience and earn extra income by joining it.

Just after joining the affiliate program, to sell any of their products, put their affiliate link on your website anywhere where you are comfortable, and then when a visitor buys a product from the affiliate link you have placed. If you give then you will get money in return. Friends are an extra and best way to earn money from blogging.

Note: You get 1 – 20% commission on Physical Products. But if your blog is related to software’s then you also get 50-90% commission.

4. How To Make Money With

Like Google AdSense, it is also an ad network and it is called the best alternative to Google AdSense. Now you must be thinking that when all the features are similar to its AdSense, then what is the need to use it? Let us tell you that sometimes due to some reasons Google AdSense gets disabled or we should say that our AdSense account itself is banned.

If we want to earn money from blogging, then it is very important to have an alternative to auditions. If for some reason AdSense is also disabled, then in such a situation, we can monetize our website again by using Decide Network Company. But one of the most negative points of this company is that only the English website can be monetized by this, perhaps till now the feature of giving approval to people has not been made available for Hindi website or for other regional languages.

If you have an English website, then this ad network company can be a very good option for you.

5. How to Make Money with Sponsored Blog Posts?

My friends, you must have heard the name of sponsor video on many YouTube in which they promote or review any product. In the same way, we also get sponsor posts in blogging. Your website is made in any category and in that category if any of your keywords have been on the first position of Google and through its keywords you will get good traffic as well as your other posts will also be ranked on Google, then in such a case no Neither any company related to your topic will contact you.

On that post of yours, you will be asked to promote any of your products or else that company may ask you to publish a post on your website on your behalf. Now if your deal gets finalized with the company, then the company gives you money in return. If you want to keep getting sponsor posts, then it is mandatory for you to create an about page on your website and along with that you should also give your email id there so that anyone can contact you easily.

How to get sponsored posts on your own? Fly Out is such a sponsor post providing company through which you can get sponsor post for your website, then no matter whether a company contacts you or not, it doesn’t matter to you that this company will automatically send you to your website. Will bring the sponsor post according to the topic.

First of all you have to create your account on this website and get its approval. To get approval, you will need traffic of at least 8000 to 7000 unique visitors per month on your website. If you are fulfilling this eligibility criteria then you will get its approval very soon.

Its service is absolutely free and here you have a lot of chances of getting a sponsor post and not only that you can set the sponsor post’s own amount there. If the amount of your sponsor post will be liked by someone and will be in his budget, then he will contact you to give sponsor post on your profile. In this way also you can earn money through blogging sitting at home.

6. How to sell backlinks and earn money?

Friends, if there is good traffic on your website and the DA and PA of your website is good, then many people will automatically contact you to get backlinks. Perhaps the question is arising in your mind that what are backlinks? For this you can read this article of ours.

If someone wants to rank on the first position of Google, then he needs backlinks because Google gives more recognition to the websites which have got backlinks from the authority website, which means that the chances of you getting a good ranking increase significantly. That’s why people focus on building backlinks and that too on high authority websites.

Now whoever needs backlinks from your website will contact you and if you want, you can take some fixed charge from him for providing backlinks and in this way you can earn good money every month by giving only backlinks.

7. How to Sell Digital Products Online and earn money?

In digital products, you can sell any useful gadget, any software, any plugin, any theme, and many other similar digital products, using the traffic coming to your website, you can send all this to them.

Nowadays, the demand for digital products which are used is very high, because in today’s time people have started expressing their faith in digital products much more than before. If you want, you can also do this type of affiliate or you can sell digital Woo-Commerce products directly by setting up some clocks on your website.

Just for this you have to put payment gateway option on your website and then in this way also you can earn money through your blogging.

8. How to Make Money Selling Physical Products?

For example, if your website is based on beauty and you have written many articles related to beauty on your website and have also created many categories, so that you are getting good response and traffic, then very good extra for you. There is an option to earn income.

All of you must have heard about WooCommerce and many people earn money by using it. All you have to do is join any such Woo-commerce company on your website which sells beauty products and gives you a good commission for it.

After that you have to make all its products live on your website through Woo-Commerce plugin and also add payment gateway here. In this way many people are earning and you can also do it.

9. How to Make Money Selling Courses Online?

My friend, you can create any course on your website related to your blogging below and sell it online. You may have seen many such websites which sell articles as well as courses through their website. All you have to do is prepare a good valuable and use full course related to your blocking below so that people show their interest in buying it.

Then make your course live on your website and at the same time set some fee for purchasing the course there, then also install a payment gateway on your website so that people can buy your course by completing the payment. In this way also, money can be earned by blogging easily and many people are currently earning.

10. How to Make Money Selling Ebooks?

For example, you have chosen a blogging category in which you have mastered and you have good experience in it. Now when you will get your website ranked on the first page of Google and good traffic will start coming to your website everyday, then one of the biggest opportunities for you is that whatever topic you are running your website in that topic. Write a good C e book.

How to make eBook? For the complete guide of ours, you must read this article from beginning to end, you will also get a lot of help in this. Just like a physical book, an e-book is also written in the same way, but you can keep the physical book anywhere according to yourself and touch it and feel it, but the e-book can only be read on a computer or digital gadget. I can be used and read only.

Now it comes to the point that when you make your own book, then whatever your blog article has been ranked, you can put the link of your eBook there so that whoever will see the same eBook and if that person needs that eBook If it is, then he will definitely buy that eBook and in this way you can earn money through your blog.

11. How to Earn More Money Freelancing?

You can also provide freelancing service on your website, just as you can sell any service on your website, you can also provide freelancing service. If your website is based on web development or any such topic that is going to benefit people and your website gets a lot of traffic everyday, then it is a very good thing for you.

As an example, your website is a website where you are teaching people something and good traffic is coming on your side, then in such a situation, create a page on your website where you can see the option of Hire Me. So that if any person wants to learn something directly from you, then he can take your service and hire you and in return you can charge him.

If you want, you can teach something to that person and charge money for it or if you want, you can take charge from the person who needs it by just giving service. In this way friends, many people are earning money by blocking and earning good money every month, so why can’t you, you can also earn.

12. How to Make Money with a Service Business?

If you can provide any service to the people on your behalf on the subject on which you have built your website, then it is very good for you because this is for you, will it also become a source of income. Just for this you have to create a landing page related to your service on your website and you must enter the information related to your service in the landing page.

So that people can know which services you are going to provide here and you must also mention the rate of those services there so that if someone is planning to take instant service, then your service can be bought immediately from there. can do. In this way many people are earning money and you too can easily make extra income through this method by using your blogging.

13. How to Make Money With a creating Private Forum?

In today’s time, blogging has become so popular that almost every person wants to design their own website and not only this, many people also need information related to application development nowadays so that they can develop their own app. and earn money.

If you have an audience, then you can ask that audio to join in a private form, in which you will be able to do different types of help to people according to their requirements or your team will be able to handle all those things. . Now there will be a private form where only premium members i.e. those who have paid its fees will be able to join it and get your support or your team’s support.

If you can teach some things to people or have the ability to provide any service online, then whenever you have a good audience, encourage them to join the forum. In today’s time, many professional and experience holder people are earning a lot of money every month in this way and are using it as a source of extra income.

14. How to Make Money Selling Banner Ads on Your Blog?

We have seen that the website which becomes popular and on which more and more traffic starts coming, people want to place any of their product or their website or any other platform as an ad banner and for this no matter how much Cast ho be ready to pay.

If your website has become popular and there is a lot of traffic on your website every day, then you can give the option of banner ad at any one place on your website. Whoever wants to put a banner on your website will contact you and keep in mind that there should be an About page on your website and your email ID should also be there so that people can easily contact you.

During the conversation with the client, you can discuss with your client all the details about how long you can put banner ads on your website and what you can charge for it. If the deal is finalized then you can earn a lot of money on your website every month only by placing banner ads.

15. How to Make Money Blogging in 2023 ($200k Per Month)

As you all know, money is earned from blogging, if you can earn money from a blog, then you can make many such blocks as well. Therefore, by preparing your blog well, you can make more different types of blogs and sell them through a website like Philippa.

If AdSense is approved on your website, then people will be ready to pay more for it. Different types of companies and bloggers already buy AdSense approval website from different websites like Flipa and pay a very good price for it, you can earn a lot of money by selling your different types of blogs on this type of website.

16. How To Shorten Links And Earn Money?

If you give PDF downloading link of your post on your website or PDF downloading link of any other thing or any downloading play, then in this case you can make good money every month by using URL shortener website and using traffic of your website. can earn

So people who are earning money online or getting information about earning, they must have heard about URL shortener, then you can use your website traffic to earn money through URL shortener website and Through whom one can earn a hefty amount every month.

17. How to Get Donations Online?

If you win the hearts of people through the content of your website, then people can be ready to donate to you. Apart from Wikipedia, you must have seen other different types of websites from which people ask for donations. You can also use this method and ask for donations from people.

According to your convenience, you can take the payment of donation through any online payment option and in this way you can create another way to earn money from your blogging.

5+ Ways to make money from blogging

Let us now give information to all of you about the many benefits of earning money through blogging and for this you must read the information given below carefully.

  1. The biggest advantage of earning money through blogging is that you never have to carry overload of work and you can do blogging whenever you want.
  2. You can do blogging easily from anywhere, just you should have a laptop or a mobile phone.
  3. In today’s time, there are at least more than 10 ways to earn money through blogging and you can easily start earning money from blogging using any method.
  4. Whatever money you earn from blogging, you get that much money and you do not need to pay any kind of commission to any third person, nor do you have to pay any kind of service charge.
  5. In the field of blogging, you are your own boss and you do not need to work inside someone, rather you can give work to others.
  6. You can easily start earning money through blogging sitting at home and you do not even need to work in any office.

FAQ’s – Make money from blogging

How to start a blog for free and make money?

To do blogging, you must have a domain and hosting, only after that you can start your blog.

How long does it take to earn money from blogging?

It will take you at least 6 months to earn money from blogging and it may take more than that.

Which is the easiest way to earn money in blogging?

If you are new to blogging then the easiest way is Google Adsense. Because it is very easy to apply Google Adsense on your blog and it is equally easy to earn money from it.

How much money can we earn from blogging?

You can earn money in lakhs every month from blogging, but for this you should come to blogging, only then you can earn money from blogging.

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